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I have a love for creating atmosphere, mood and characters in my performances so whatever your event needs I can help you evoke all the feelings that you are trying to create for your special event.

Highly trained starting with performance arts schools in my formative years to third level education for a B.A. in music and more recently a Masters of Music in Jazz performance.  I work with you to select the most appropriate music for your setting, event and audience (or in many wedding cases, friends and family).

Working in a variety of domains from weddings, large corporate events, to private functions and smaller intimate informal pub and restaurant settings, I find joy in each and bring as much passion to every event be it to ten or one thousand people. (I would like to have said one hundred thousand, but I'm not quite at that level... yet ;P and I know every corporate blurb and mission statement mentions "passion" but I am seriously devoted to the power of music and believe that the right singer and songs can bring an otherwise ok event, into the realms of "a night you'll never forget".)

I'm lucky to work with a large pool of amazing musicians who are all exceptionally skilled in their various fields so depending on the particular genre, I enjoy and take pride in finding the perfect set of musicians to fit your needs.

Be it Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Soul, Disco or Rock, Folk, Pop and everything in between, I offer variety to keep every ear that's listening, interested and captivated from beginning to end and keep you grooving all night.

Together we create bespoke sets and packages to make your event the one everyone will be talking about and remember for years to come.

x Suzanne x

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